Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gunung Ledang Resort Gathering on 29 Jan 2006

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With much effort from Low Choon Foi, and alot of courtesy from Tey Chee Yan, we managed to materialise a gathering at the Gunung Ledang Resort, a beautiful place and pride of Tangkak and Sagil, on the night of January 29, 2006 which is also the first day of the lunar new year of the Fire Dog.
Set against the waterfall at the background, the club house was located amongst the rubber trees and interlinked with chalets where people from afar get together to have their meetings and activities.
Chee Yan was so kind and has allocated an exclusive corner for our gathering prepared with food and drinks.
吳景强(Wu Chin Chiang) and Goh Kai Huan having a private chat.

Goh Kai Huan, Chua Kim Teck and Tey Chee Yan

Extreme left: Low Choon Foi and Tey Chee Yan

Extreme right: Tey Cheng Kang and Kuan Lee Kam

chatting under the influence of red wine.

Tey Cheng Kang, Kuan Lee Kam, Lim Sum Teck (left)

Goh Kai Huan, Chua Kim Teck, Tey Chee Yan, Chou Kan Yin (right)

Huang Yuet Ngor, Tan Eng Chuan, Goh Kai Huan and Tay Cheng Kang

Choice of red wine, wiskey or beer for Tey Chee Yan, Chou Kan Yin

Lim Sum Teck and Kuan Lee Kam

Tan Ah Yee and Tey Heng Hong sharing a conversation

Tey Chee Yan, Chou Kan Yin, Tey Cheng Kang, Tey Heng Hong and

Tan Ah Yee sitting.

We thought we already have everybody in when we took this shot.

Standing: Chua Kim teck, Tey Chee Yan, Chou Kan Yin, Tay Cheng Kang,

Tey Heng Hong, Kuan Lee Kam, Chin Chiang.

Sitting: Low Choon Foi, Huang Yuet Ngor, Tan Ah Yee, Tan Eng Chuan, Lim Sum Teck.

Later, Lee Chin Meng, Lim Bee Huan and family, Agatha Leow, Chee Mee Lan appeared.

Kuan Lee Kam, a surprised appearance by Lee Chin Meng, and Lim Sum Teck.

Lim Bee Huan, hubby and rest of her family appearing way past 10.30pm already

It's indeed a late late surprise!

Tey Cheng Kang meeting Bee Huan (partially hidden, sorry for that) after umpteen years

Agatha, Goh Kai Huan and Tan Eng Chuan in-between.

Tan Ah Yee, Chua Kim Teck, Chin Chiang, Tey Chee Yan, Lim Bee Huan and son

casual standing chat and a relax atmosphere and quiet surroundings

Huang Yuet Ngor, Agatha Leow, Lim Bee Huan, Chee Mee Lan and

Bee Huan's daughter

Chou Kan Yin, Lim Sum Teck and Huang Yuet Ngor

one last shot before we disperse, anyway it was already past 12 mid-night

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